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Ukrainian border guards and liaison officers will work at Estonian border posts

Ukraine (, - The Government of the Republic of Estonia has approved the proposals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to "improve the effectiveness of border control", writes Among other things, closer cooperation with Ukraine in the field of information exchange will be established, and Ukrainian specialists will work at Estonian border checkpoints.

“Processes at the border and oversight of migration will be strengthened in order to obtain a more accurate picture of those crossing the border, both Ukrainian military refugees and citizens of the Russian Federation. The measures taken earlier in the current conditions are becoming insufficient, as they do not allow getting a detailed idea of ​​the Ukrainian refugees,” explained Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Läänemets.

According to him, "cooperation with Ukraine in the field of information exchange" will be strengthened, and Ukrainian border guards and liaison officers will work at Estonian border points.

Since February 24, 109,742 citizens of Ukraine have arrived in Estonia. Of these, according to the data received, 58,721 people intended to stay in Estonia.

Of the citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Estonia, 35,049 people received temporary protection, while 2,623 people's applications are still being considered. There were also 1,583 applications for international protection. 1199 citizens of Ukraine were denied entry to Estonia.

The Minister of the Interior proposed that refugees in Estonia be required to disclose their contacts and whereabouts. According to Lauri Läenmets, "Ukrainian refugees in Estonia currently do not pose a threat to the country's public order." However, in his opinion, "the state needs a better overview of the situation with Ukrainian citizens in the country in order to provide them with the necessary social services and better assess Estonia's future ability to accept war refugees."

The upcoming amendment to the law in practice will mean that citizens of Ukraine temporarily staying in Estonia will be required to provide the state with their contact details and information about their whereabouts.

“We persistently asked the Ukrainian refugees to provide us with such information, and many did. But for a better organization of work, this should be made mandatory. The quick introduction of the necessary clarifications into the law will save officials' working time and better organize our resources. But the most important thing is to provide the necessary support and assistance to Ukrainian refugees arriving here, starting with a place in a school or kindergarten and ending with the provision of medical services, a workplace and learning the language,” Läänemets explained.

Ukrainian border guards and liaison officers will work at Estonian border posts