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West sends signals to Moscow about readiness for negotiations - TAC

Ukraine (, - Washington and London have noticeably changed the tone of their rhetoric towards Moscow and are sending her signals about their readiness for negotiations.

This opinion was expressed in his article for the American edition of The American Conservative (TAC) columnist Ted Snyder.

He recalled that 30 US Democratic congressmen sent a letter to President Joe Biden, urging him to start "active diplomatic pressure, a redoubled effort to find a realistic framework for a ceasefire."

According to the author, the White House rejected the demands set out in the letter. However, as the journalist writes, the mere fact of writing the letter “represents a significant change in rhetoric on Capitol Hill.” Therefore, the message still had an impact on Washington policy.

Snyder also noted that British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace expressed a desire to de-escalate the conflict in Ukraine. The material says that such signals indicate a change in the attitude of the West to negotiations with Russia.

“As in the letter to Biden, the British Defense Secretary’s comment represents a potentially important shift in tone,” the journalist writes.

As reported earlier, another TAC columnist Patrick Buchanan said that as the armed conflict in Ukraine continues, the interests of Washington and Kyiv begin to diverge.

West sends signals to Moscow about readiness for negotiations - TAC