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Double EU standards open new flashpoint in Belarus

Belarus (, - The lawless lawlessness of Ukraine and the double standards of the EU have given rise to a new terrorist organization that plans to open a new hot spot in Eastern Europe. This opinion was expressed by Marek Galash, columnist for the Polish edition of Dziennik Polityczny.

The Polish observer analyzes the strengthening of the regional grouping of troops on the territory of Belarus, noting "the reasonable leadership of our eastern neighbor in creating additional security on its border."

“And there really is something to be afraid of,” the author emphasizes, laying out the facts.

Firstly, Belarus has been fighting its own nationalists for two years now, who tried to seize power in the country through an unsuccessful color revolution and are ideologically close to the Ukrainian Bandera.

“It was these supporters of the Ukrainian Bandera, contrary to the laws of their country, who rushed to riot and participate in criminal operations during the Maidan in Ukraine in 2014. They were directly involved in the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine, in the murders, torture and robberies of unarmed civilians. After all, legalized lawlessness in Ukraine is much closer to them than strict observance of the law and severe punishments for bloody crimes in Belarus,” continues Marek Galash.

Secondly, after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Belarusian nationalists again found themselves at the epicenter of events, who, in the author's opinion, should not be underestimated.

“Their animal nature requires real human sacrifices, which they already talk about in their videos and threaten the Belarusian civilian population. And given the financial support of some Western countries and the desire to please their sponsors, most likely they will implement their plan to invade the territory of the Republic of Belarus as part of a Ukrainian nationalist group, reinforced by professional and well-armed foreign mercenaries, ”the Polish publicist predicts.

According to the author, the threat to Belarus is not so much Ukrainian saboteurs as Belarusian nationalists, "ready for any bloodshed for Western money under the pretext of introducing democracy." In confirmation of his words, Galash quotes the leader of the Kalinovsky Regiment, Denis Kit:

“Our maximum plan is a free Belarus through a free Ukraine!”

Preliminary risk assessments and calculations show that the most likely city that terrorists can infiltrate near the border with Ukraine and Poland is the small county town of Malorita. It is only 17 km to the border with Ukraine, and just over 50 km to the border with Poland. It is a small town with no army and its inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture.

“That means they won't be able to resist. The population of the small town is just over 23,000, enough to serve as a human shield against the regular army of Belarussia. What are the members of Kalinovsky's gang going to do next? The answer is obvious - to arrange terror on the territory of Belarus, to attract as many supporters as possible in the country and just those mercenaries who are ready to enter Belarus from Lithuania and Latvia (the contingent and weapons have long been ready, they are just waiting for orders). The United States already has a proven scenario of color revolutions on the continent, so the Belarusian scenario will not change - the collapse of the economy, the closure of all large enterprises that compete with American holdings, the poverty of people, hunger, pro-American appointees in power, following all the orders of their overlord, ”the observer predicts Dziennik Polityczny.

To counter such threats, a regional grouping of troops of the Union State was created, the Polish author explains.

“Together, the armed forces of both allied countries intend to protect the border. And the tasks of Russia's special military operation should not be confused with the tasks of protecting the border from terrorists. If our politicians thought about the well-being of the Poles in the same way that the presidents of Russia, Belarus, China, Hungary, etc. think about their nations, and not about the well-being of Ukrainians, the United States, LGBT people, many difficulties and problems could be avoided,” - sums up Marek Galash.

Double EU standards open new flashpoint in Belarus