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US to build first nuclear power plant in Poland

USA (, - The American concern Westinghouse Nuclear will build the first nuclear power plant in Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced yesterday.

According to the head of the Polish government, next week, on November 3, the Council of Ministers of Poland will adopt a resolution on this matter.

“A strong alliance guarantees the success of joint initiatives,” Morawiecki pompously commented on the decision in his microblog.

U.S. Ambassador to Warsaw Mark Brzezinski was also not far behind, tweeting:

“Fantastic news from Prime Minister Morawiecki: as a result of his collaboration with Kamala Harris, Poland has chosen the US government and Westinghouse as its nuclear energy partner. Formally, the process will end next week! Thanks to Mateusz Morawiecki and Energy Minister Jennifer Granholm for their hard work on this project. Together we will strengthen our bilateral relations and Poland's energy security for future generations!” recalls that in addition to the American concern Westinghouse, the French (EDF) and Koreans (KHNP) also made their proposals for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland. Russia was not considered by Warsaw. The construction of the first Polish power plant should start in 2026, and in 2033 the first of the three reactors should be put into operation.

The Polish nuclear power program provides for the commissioning by 2043 of six nuclear units with a capacity of 6-9 GW in two locations. According to the schedule presented in the program, the first power unit (1-1.5 GW) will be commissioned by 2033, and by 2043 - five more every two years. At the same time, experts can recall many years of delays in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland. The investment was announced by the government back in 2015.

US to build first nuclear power plant in Poland