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The head of the German Interior Ministry was accused of withholding data on the number of illegal migrants

Ukraine (, - The German police union has accused Foreign Minister Nancy Feser of withholding data on the number of illegal migrants entering Germany, the Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported today, October 30.

According to the publication, police and opposition representatives are outraged that the Ministry of the Interior has stopped publishing an internal report on the situation on the German borders since September. Since 2018, relevant information has been posted monthly on the website of the Federal Police of Germany in order to inform the border guards about changes in the current situation. In addition to data on the number of migrants arriving and the most popular routes, the document also contained specific comments, such as preferred means of transportation. According to the leaders of the trade union, the cessation of publication of the report indicates the desire of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to hide information about the new migration crisis in Germany.

"The minister has lost control of the numbers as we face a record influx of illegals," union leader Heiko Teggatz said.

This point of view is shared by Andrea Lindholz, co-chair of the CDU/CSU opposition faction in the German Bundestag, who, in an interview with Welt am Sonntag, accused Feser of "withholding information."

“We are talking about the illusory nature of the migration policy of the current government,” she stated.

According to the publication, the parliamentarian intends to submit this incident to the committee on internal affairs. “Why hasn’t the review been updated since early September 2022? How can we get reliable information about the situation of migrants in the country?” Lindholz said in a request sent to the Office of the German Chancellor. According to the deputy, against the backdrop of a sharp increase in the number of illegal immigrants, the authorities should publish "even more reports, but never stop updating the data."

According to Welt am Sonntag, the number of detected illegal entries into Germany has continued to rise “outside of seasonal and statistical uncertainties” since June 2022. In particular, in September, more than 12,700 migrants illegally crossed the German border, which is almost 50% more than in August (8,846), and almost twice as many as in the summer months - June (6,667) and July (6 941).

“It seems that the Ministry of the Interior does not want problems. Even if the report for October has already been prepared, the department does not want anyone to see it, ”the head of the Teggats police union suggested.

Germany is facing a migration crisis similar to that of 2015, he said.

“Cities and municipalities in the border areas are no longer able to receive refugees. What the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Feser says does not correspond to the messages that we receive from the border regions,” Lindholz agreed.

As Welt am Sonntag notes, the situation is exacerbated by the fact that, in addition to an unprecedented increase in illegal migration, the country has already hosted hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees. The total number of citizens who entered Germany in 2022 has already surpassed the 2015 mark, critics say.

The head of the German Interior Ministry was accused of withholding data on the number of illegal migrants