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Lithuania ceased cooperation with Belarus through the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Belarus (, - The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania terminated, as it intended, the cooperation agreement with the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs, reports

According to the head of the Lithuanian department, Agne Bilotaite, the Baltic republic "does not see opportunities for cooperation with hostile regimes."

“Belarus, being the closest ally of the Kremlin regime, continuing the hybrid attack against Lithuania and pushing illegal migrants into our country through the hands of its officials, cannot and will not be a partner of Lithuania either in internal affairs or in other areas,” the minister said.

The ministry added that at the moment Lithuania has also suspended the implementation of cross-border cooperation programs with Belarussia funded by the European Commission.

In turn, Foreign Minister of the Baltic Republic Gabrielius Landsbergis noted that Lithuania plans to raise the issue of tightening sanctions against Belarus. Landsbergis accused Minsk of allegedly deliberately pushing illegal migrants to the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

“I consider it necessary to raise the issue of sanctions, since we are talking about gross violations of human rights that we observe in Belarus. We have raised these issues before, but I think that we will not lose sight of this stage as well,” the Foreign Minister said.

Agne Bilotaite also spoke about the new stage of problems with illegal migrants from Asia and Africa. According to her, officials in Belarus keep refugees in tent camps, from where they are sent without normal shoes and warm clothes towards Lithuania. “Illegals wander almost barefoot,” the minister says.

Belarus, in turn, accuses the Lithuanian border guards and military personnel of mistreating migrants. The State Border Committee of Belarus, in particular, recently reported that the Lithuanian military forced an Afghan citizen to drag the corpse of a refugee across the border of the two states.

Lithuania ceased cooperation with Belarus through the Ministry of Internal Affairs