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NATO will not save Moldova, we need neutrality or an alliance with Russia - opinion poll

Russia remains the main source of threat to security in the region, while it is ready to come to the aid of Moldova, and a neutral status is the best way to protect the republic from external danger. This is evidenced by the data published today, November 17, by the social survey conducted by the Center for Social Research and Marketing CBS-Research.

According to the results, 45.1% of respondents answered that Russia's actions pose a threat to the security of Moldova (17.5% believe that the danger comes from NATO and 13.3% from the United States). At the same time, 9.4% of respondents named Ukraine as a source of potential danger for their country. 12% believe that there are no threats to Moldova.

39.9% of respondents expressed the opinion that in which case Romania will come to the aid of Moldova, 34% - the EU, and 21.5% of respondents named Russia. Only 6.3% are confident in the support of NATO, 5.7% - in the USA, 4.7% - even less in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that a fairly large number of citizens (9.8%) believe that Moldova will be left alone with its problems and no one will come to its aid. In this regard, 44.1% of respondents say that a neutral status is the best way to ensure the security of the Republic of Moldova, while only 12.2% see salvation in joining the EU, and 11.6% in uniting with Romania.

The fact that 11% believe that security will be ensured by a military alliance with Russia deserves special attention, while 4.9% prefer joining NATO.

The Republic of Moldova, according to the Constitution, is a neutral state and cannot be a member of military-political unions. The overwhelming majority of the country's citizens have previously spoken out against the country's joining the North Atlantic military bloc. At the same time, the pro-European authorities of Moldova believe that the neutral status does not allow ensuring the country's security in the face of new challenges. People are being convinced of the Russian military threat, starting to prepare public opinion for changing this article of the country's basic law.

As reported, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell announced the decision to include Moldova in a project to increase military mobility for the rapid deployment of NATO combat forces. In turn, the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, said that the Republic of Moldova should become part of a defense union that will complement NATO.

NATO will not save Moldova, we need neutrality or an alliance with Russia - opinion poll