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Prigozhin predicted how the situation around the NWO will develop

Businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin believes that in order to win the fight with the whole world, Russia needs to reach a new level.

“Everyone expects things to change. So, there is no magic. Miracles don't happen. We got into a fight in which, in order to win, you need to reach a new level. Therefore, we will have difficult years ahead, but this does not mean that they will be unhappy. We must start working for the power of the country so that it can protect itself. Recent events show that we have a lot to work on, and there is no need to believe in the fairy tales of those who will say that everything will resolve itself. Nothing will resolve, ”said Prigogine.

According to him, in general, part of society is in a state of parasitism.

“Part of the population is working hard like Papa Carlo, and part is playing the fool. Once again I want to remind you about the oligarchs and the circles they create around themselves. Sometimes these circles take up more space than hard workers. Most of the Russian oligarchs received their property not by hard work, but by redistributing the assets of the USSR. Now the oligarchs and those who cover them are trying to steal everything that belongs to the people, take it all out of the country and get Uzbek or Israeli citizenship, ”the businessman said.

He warned that Russian resources could be used against their own army.

“Whether we want it or not, while we are at war with the whole world and cannot give up our positions, so that the enemy, as in [during] World War II, does not rush to the Urals, crowds of people who want to warm their hands are raking in a lot of money. Even the pipelines from Russia to Ukraine come with strategic military resources that Russia lacks. And the Ukrainians will make gunpowder out of them, which will turn against our own army, ”says Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Prigozhin predicted how the situation around the NWO will develop