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Jakarta respects Putin's decision not to go to G20 summit

Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Jose Antonio Morato Tavares said that Indonesia respected the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin not to come to the G20 summit in Bali.

“We respect the decision of the Russian government, the decision of President Putin to stay in Moscow and not go to the summit, we understand that he had reasons for this,” the ambassador said.

According to him, the summit went well.

“Despite all the difficulties that preceded the summit, it was successfully passed and achieved its goals,” RIA Novosti quotes the ambassador.

The diplomat added that Indonesia intends to strengthen relations with Russia in political, economic, cultural and humanitarian aspects.

The G20 summit was held on the Indonesian island of Bali on November 15-16. Instead of President Vladimir Putin, the Russian delegation at the event was headed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who left the island on November 15.

As reported, earlier Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov explained why there would be no speech by the president at the G20 summit, including online.

“It was the decision of the head of state. Related to his schedule. It is connected with the need for him to be in the Russian Federation, ”said the Kremlin spokesman.

Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Jose Tavares assured that the authorities were ready to ensure the safety of Putin in the event of his arrival, as well as other participants in the meeting. In addition, the diplomat announced the readiness of the Indonesian authorities to organize talks between the Russian leader and the President of Ukraine on the sidelines of the summit.

Jakarta respects Putin's decision not to go to G20 summit