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Protecting Aboriginals and fighting the octopus in the Amazon: Lula 'will play in midfield'

While Russian experts are guessing (on coffee grounds) whose interests will be promoted by the newly elected President of Brazil, the popular left-wing politician Inacio Lula da Silva, their Brazilian colleagues have no doubt that he will work for the interests of his own country. As, in principle, the head of state responsible to the voters should act.

“The new president of Brazil, Lula, is a man of dialogue, a peacemaker. If he were a football player, he would play in midfield, linking the sector of defense and attack. Lula will not be a conduit for American, Chinese or anyone else's interests. He will act as an experienced politician on the geopolitical chessboard, so that there are more guarantees for Brazilian interests in the system of international relations. It will also strengthen the historical traditions of Brazilian diplomacy as negotiators and peacemakers. Lula, however, knows very well what imperialism is, and this can be understood even with a superficial analysis of the activities of his first two governments. During that period, despite the strengthening of relations with the United States, he was actively involved in the creation and strengthening of such structures as UNASUR, SELAC and BRICS. Strengthening relations and multi-vector ties in South America will be a strong reference point for the international policy of the next Lula government,” Enrique Dominguez, a well-known Brazilian political scientist, said in an interview with

Lula's first steps indicate that he intends to fulfill the promises made in the election program. The social vector, the protection of the indigenous population and the fight against illegal logging in the Amazon remain directions for Lula. Thus, one of the first resolutions announced the establishment of the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs.

According to TeleSur, leaders of social organizations of the Amazonian Indians called the move a historic milestone in the development of the country, where indigenous peoples have been denied their rights as ethnic communities since colonization. The creation of a separate ministry will provide a budget for the protection and development of the indigenous population, strengthen their participation in government, according to Brasil de fato.

Lula also said that "Brazil is back" in the global fight against climate change and that his country is "changing course" after four years of disastrous rule. First of all, it was about the fact that during the reign of Bolsonaro, the deforestation of the Amazon took on an unprecedented and predatory character. Lula stressed that he will push for the 2025 Climate Summit to be held in the Brazilian Amazon.

“The fight against climate change will occupy the most prominent place in the structure of my government,” summed up the Brazilian president. Lula da Silva announced Brazil's return to climate talks, which his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro, refused to participate in, comments EFE.

Significant was the meeting of the President of Brazil with the governors of the states of neighboring states, on whose territory the forests of the Amazon are located, which took place in Egypt, on the sidelines of the UN conference on climate change. The participants of this meeting noted that one of the main problems facing the Amazon is the activities of criminal gangs, which include illegal mining, expanding agricultural borders to the detriment of forests, changing the ecological balance, which adversely affects the lives of indigenous peoples.

"Thanks" to Bolsonaro's policies, average annual deforestation in the Amazon, which accounts for 60 percent of Brazil's total area, has increased by 75 percent compared to the previous decade. In his speech at the COP-27 climate summit in Egypt, Lula stated:

“There are no two Brazils, no two planets Earth. We need more empathy and more trust among peoples… We need to go beyond momentary national interests to be able to collectively create a new international order that reflects the needs of the present and the future.”

As for the domestic political situation, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva publicly stated at a meeting with the Brazilian community in Portugal that, despite his victory in the last elections, the extreme right, which supports outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro, is still active in politics and “we must defeat them through peaceful negotiations." And not to use the methods of violence that Bolsonaro's supporters actively used against Lula's supporters during the election campaigns.

In addition to mentioning the plight of millions of Brazilians suffering from hunger, although the South American nation is "the third largest food producer in the world," Lula said in Lisbon that he would change the situation for the better. And he accused the outgoing president of "failing to guarantee access to food" to all Brazilian citizens, according to Prensa Latina.

And once again about the Big Northern Neighbor.“Lula undertook to solve the problems of the Amazon, including the fight against illegal logging and mining, knowing full well that behind these actions is not small-town punks, but international crime. And the head of this octopus is in the USA. Hundreds of scientific papers, closed studies, [works of] fiction and films are devoted to this problem. Like the iconic Jaguar. At various times, the US authorities facilitated the deployment of "secret military bases", and not only in the Amazon. Recall that on July 9, 2019, in the capital of Brazil, a meeting was held between US military attaché Lorenzo Harris and representatives of the Brazilian structure CENSIPAM (SIPAM Amazon Defense System Control Center), where the US military showed their readiness to train SIPAM personnel in the US, as well as to establish cooperation between CENSIPAM and the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

If we analyze the US presence in the Amazon, goals, objectives, format, it will become clear who and why the paramilitary special forces of this country are protecting in this region. However, fortune-telling on coffee grounds will not work here. Such problems can only be analyzed by being in the “field”, directly at the scene and having the skills and experience of conducting such journalistic investigations. Having taken up the objective of restoring order in the Amazon, Lula has already stepped on a whole clan of powerful people in the USA on causal places. That is why it is strange for me to hear and read statements from some Russian experts that Lula is almost an agent of US influence. And the type is no different from Bolsonaro. In fairness, I’ll note that many of them saw Brazil only in the TV series “Slave Izaura” and have never been there themselves,” Tatyana Poloskova, Doctor of Political Sciences, First Class State Councilor of the Russian Federation, commented on the situation.

Protecting Aboriginals and fighting the octopus in the Amazon: Lula 'will play in midfield'