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Brazil: Lula and Bolsonaro smoked the pipe of peace, but the game continues - comments

In Brazil, the process of transferring presidential power has begun. The second round ended with the victory of the left-wing candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva over the right-wing leader, an admirer of fascist dictatorships and a supporter of torture as a means of influencing opponents, Jair Bolsonaro, with a minimal gap. 50.8% of the votes for Lula against 49.2% of those who voted for Bolsonaro, or a difference of 2 million ballots, could well pass for a sociological error.

However, Bolsonaro, who took a long pause after the announcement of the results, still did not demand a recount. Although the first days after the vote were accompanied by mass protests from supporters of the losing candidate, including the blocking of important roads, mass rallies, etc. Bolsonaro's son publicly stated that his father was the victim of the greatest electoral fraud, reports The Guardian.

In the end, the winner and the loser decided, according to the ancient custom of the indigenous population of Brazil, figuratively speaking, to smoke the pipe of peace and proceed with the procedure for the transfer of power. However, how much benevolent smoke from this pipe is enough to finally calm the society? The situation in the country is extremely tense. And the structures of foreign monopolies that have bred under Bolsonaro will not give up their positions in the richest and most promising country in the region so easily. It should be noted that most of the military actually supports Bolsonaro. So what to expect?

Brazilian Communist Enrique Dominguez, Executive Director of the International Forum of Municipalities of the BRICS Countries, commented specifically for

“Finally, a few days after the announcement of the election results, President Bolsonaro made a brief statement in which he said that he respects democratic institutions and constitutional norms. In fact, thereby recognizing the results of the elections. In turn, the head of Bolsonaro's administration announced the start of a transitional process to transfer power to the new president. This was the last step for the official start of the transition to the formation of a new government, since the vice-president of the republic, all ministers, including the military leadership, have already recognized the results of the vote. The protests still persist, but they are getting weaker.”

How sincere is Bolsonaro in his statements? Looks like no. According to TeleSur, Bolsonaro, addressing his supporters who staged protests and riots in Brazilian cities, expressed sympathy for them: “I know that you are upset, upset and expected something else. I am also upset and sad, but we have to keep our cool.” Otherwise, "the party will lose its legitimacy." And the electoral process itself, Bolsonaro, in fact, dubbed the "democratic game."

“Bolsonaro is not one to give up without a fight. And Brazilian society is not plasticine, from which a skilled manipulator can mold anything. Now it is practically split in half, which indicates a strong polarization. Plus, Brazilians are not used to keeping their moods, including dissatisfaction with the political actions of the authorities, under lock and discussing in a whisper in the kitchen. All this is taken out into the street. Any mistake or unpopular action by the authorities, however correct, can lead to an escalation of violence and unrest. Lula and his entourage are now not only responsible for keeping campaign promises, but also for maintaining public consensus. The reasoning of some Russian politicians that we don't really care who came to power there - the left or the right, can only be explained by a superficial knowledge of the subject. Yes, Bolsonaro was in Moscow, met with Putin. But relations between countries cannot be reduced to interpersonal contacts between leaders. All the more so to draw conclusions about the moods and intentions of the country's leader when he is in the position of a lame duck, like the same Bolsonaro six months ago, and is ready to seek international support in all areas. The situation is not simple. Let's hope for the wisdom of the new leadership and people of this great Latin American country. And it would be time for Russia to finally move from pompous party venues in the Russian-Brazilian field to the formation of an active and effective network of multilateral cooperation, including expert one. And to a productive dialogue of NGOs. Their potential is still far from being fully utilized. Brazil, we recall, did not join the sanctions. And this is also a great resource for the development of bilateral cooperation,” Tatyana Poloskova, Doctor of Political Science, Chairwoman of the Eurasian People’s Union interregional public movement, said specifically for

Brazil: Lula and Bolsonaro smoked the pipe of peace, but the game continues - comments