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Fantômas Sunak, the Bach prostitute and the SS badge on the German army: morning coffee with

2: Good morning! To be honest, I expected some kind of provocation. That's what happened. This is a continuation of Bucha, Nord Stream and other provocations. This is how Hitler started World War II.

1. US President Joe Biden and other world leaders are holding an emergency meeting in Bali in connection with the incident in Poland on the border with Ukraine, where a rocket is alleged to have fallen. Kyodo writes that this is "an emergency G7-NATO summit."

They themselves launched the rocket, they themselves investigate, they themselves draw conclusions. Now they will blame Russia and start rocking the boat. After all, the boycott in Bali failed. And now, after the rocket in Poland, they will adopt an anti-Russian resolution. Lavrov left. The cheapest provocation.

2. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that China is the biggest threat to the economic security of the kingdom, reports the Times newspaper.

Fantômas raged: now Russia threatens him and he will deal with it, then China. I remember that Lizka from the track started like this ... Where is she now?

3. Polish government spokesman Piotr Muller said at a briefing that the country's authorities have not yet nationalized Gazprom's shares in EuRoPol GAZ, which owns the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline, but have transferred the company's shares under compulsory control.

That is, they have not yet stolen, but they are gradually stealing. In parts. The piece is very fatty - do not immediately swallow.

4. Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevhen Korniychuk was summoned to the Israeli Foreign Ministry after Kyiv twice supported anti-Israeli resolutions in the UN. It is reported by the Israeli radio Kan. The head of the Department of International Organizations of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Amir Weisbrod, called this step by Kyiv "outrageous" and said that the Israeli side would find a way to "express its dissatisfaction with the Ukrainians."

The first thing to do is to ban hanging Ukrainian flags on balconies, evict all refugees and stop treating wounded Ukrainian soldiers with Israeli money.

5. The leader of the Turkish Motherland Party, Dogu Perincek, believes that the order to carry out the terrorist attack in Istanbul was given from the United States. According to him, the Kurdistan Workers' Party banned in Turkey, the organization of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen FETO, which is also banned in the republic, and the Islamic State terrorist organization banned in Russia, are controlled from Washington.

In the same way that for almost a year now the United States has unleashed Ukraine on Russia without declaring war, the terrorist organizations mentioned above are descending on Turkey.

6. The Kyiv authorities announced the awarding of a number of journalists of the German newspaper Die Welt, including its editor-in-chief Ulf Poshard and his deputy Paul Ronzheimer, as well as the editor-in-chief of the Bild political department, Julian Repke, with the Order of Merit for Ukraine, III degree. Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk congratulated them, stressing that the work of journalists convinced the German authorities to continue supplying weapons to Kyiv.

It's interesting: Germany does not reward these journalists, but Ukraine does. So what kind of objectivity of their work can we talk about. These "journalists" have already overtaken the representatives of the oldest profession and came out on top in prostitution.

7. At the G20 summit, which takes place in Bali, Bach said that all countries, including those in conflict, should take part in the Olympic Games. Bach also condemned the politicization of sports and called on G20 leaders to include a clause on "sports neutrality" in a joint statement following the summit.

It is possible that I made a mistake in the comments to the previous news and Bach should take the first place in the competition of political prostitutes. Yesterday he said that for the athletes of Russia and Belarus the entrance to the Olympic Games is closed, and today he claims that they should be allowed. And who should allow them, if not you?!

8. Employees of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine uncovered a large-scale corruption scheme in the framework of grain exports in the Odessa region. This was reported in the telegram channel of the department. The State Bureau of Investigation exposed a large-scale scheme of extortion from exporters of the “grain corridor” in the Odessa region. And John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator at the White House National Security Council, told Bloomberg that the US hopes to extend the grain deal, negotiations on this issue are actively underway.

When Kirby talked about the hope of extending the deal, he did not know that some of the accomplices had already been arrested. Has anyone heard of any areas of activity in Ukraine that are not built on corruption?

9. Unidentified people on an SUV with Ukrainian numbers robbed a car of collectors in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This was reported by the BTA agency.

They are solely as a token of gratitude to the Bulgarian authorities. For sheltering Ukrainian refugees.

10. Some Britons began to notice that a number of supermarkets began to have problems with the supply of chicken eggs, and in some even sales were completely limited. In this regard, residents of the UK were warned of a possible shortage of the product. It is reported by The Mirror.Look how it turns out - in Britain, chicken eggs are in short supply! Probably everyone left for the new King Charles III. Well, nothing, but the English politicians have chicken brains in abundance.

11. Soldiers of the German army received military uniforms with SS symbols indicating size. Bild newspaper wrote about it. “Thousands of Bundeswehr soldiers have received SS uniforms! These are the same two letters that symbolize the worst war crimes committed by the Nazis in World War II. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht suggested that the military solve this problem themselves and cut the labels from the uniform.

Interestingly, in this case, you can say: is this a Freudian slip? In Schwartz's Naked King, a character says, "I really like stupid people, they're so funny." I think it's about Madame Lambrecht.

12. An organization for the care of war graves in Hamburg said it intends to differentiate between Soviet soldiers of Russian and Ukrainian origin buried in the city, writes Die Zeit. It is noted that at the moment, most of the Soviet military buried in Hamburg were simply indicated as “Russians” or “Soviet”.

They will begin, as I understand it, with the measurement of skulls customary for the Nazis. Then there will be a discovery claiming the Nobel Prize - the definition of belonging to a nation by the bones. And then, as usual, “Drang nah Osten!”. In short, traditional German dances on human bones! They love it.

Fantômas Sunak, the Bach prostitute and the SS badge on the German army: morning coffee with