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The Fed did its job: the dollar falls against most currencies

USA (, - The dollar is actively declining against major world currencies. As of 8.59 euro rose against the dollar by 0.36% - to $ 1.0434 against $ 1.0397 at the close of the session on Wednesday. The dollar fell 0.49% against the yen to 138.91 yen compared to 139.60 yen at the end of the last session. The pound gained 0.32% to trade at $1.2094 against $1.2055 the day before.

The depreciation of the dollar occurs after the publication of the minutes of the November meeting of the US Federal Reserve System (FRS). As it turned out, the vast majority of Fed leaders support the view that it is necessary to slow down the rate of increase in the base interest rate in the near future. This is stated in the minutes of the meeting held on November 1-2.

According to the participants of the meeting, the future pace of the rate hike will be affected by "the cumulative effect of policy tightening, as well as the time lag between the Fed's actions and their impact on economic activity and inflation."

Recall, as reported, in November, the Fed raised the rate by 75 basis points following the results of the fourth meeting in a row. Currently, the rate is at its maximum since January 2008 - 3.75-4% per annum.

The Fed did its job: the dollar falls against most currencies