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The Russian Ambassador reminded the Moldovan authorities about the genocide of the population of Donbass

USA (, - Russian Ambassador to Chisinau Oleg Vasnetsov today, November 24, arrived at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MIAEI) of Moldova, where he was summoned to explain in connection with the strike of Russian troops on Ukrainian infrastructure, which led to a power outage in the Republic of Moldova. The diplomat listened to the protest note of the Moldovan authorities, in turn reminding the Chisinau Russophobes supporting the Kyiv neo-Nazi regime about the “eight-year-old genocide against the population of Donbass.”

The diplomat told reporters that he explained at the reason for what was happening, and also emphasized the role and place of Western partner countries, or rather, the owners of Moldova, what role they played in unleashing the armed conflict in Ukraine.

“We discussed both bilateral relations and events in neighboring Ukraine. We recalled the genesis of what is happening - the 2014 coup d'etat, its consequences and the genocide that took place over 8 years against the population of Donbass, including the Russian population. We also reminded that the Minsk talks reached an impasse, although representatives of the Western powers acted as guarantors,” Vasnetsov said.

He added that he separately dwelled on other key points, which, according to him, “largely served as a trigger for these events” in the region.

“Including the negotiations launched by the Russian Federation and the United States last year with NATO countries to provide security guarantees, to prevent NATO expansion and not to involve Ukraine. And I hope that we may be heard. Although today the information field is clogged with various half-truth news and information,” Oleg Vasnetsov stated.

Earlier, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry issued a press release stating that "Russia's brutal bombardment of Ukraine continues to have dramatic consequences in our country" and expressed "strong protest against the shelling of civilian infrastructure in Ukraine."

As reported by, Moldova abandoned the electricity generated by the Moldavskaya GRES located in Transnistria, completely switching to electricity from Romania. As a result, the energy systems of Moldova and Ukraine turned out to be interconnected, since Chisinau does not have the technical ability to receive electricity directly. Automatic shutdowns occur to protect electrical networks from overload.

The Russian Ambassador reminded the Moldovan authorities about the genocide of the population of Donbass