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Belarusian Foreign Ministry: There is no hope for the revival of the liberal international order

2: The United States of America is trying to maintain its hegemony within the existing international order. This is stated in the article of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei "The Liberal International Order: Can It Be Saved in Today's Non-Hegemonic World?".

In his opinion, supporters of free trade and other liberal values ​​began to call their regimes democracies in order to convince their people that there is a real opportunity to elect the government. In the article, Makei lists the main elements of the "liberal international order" (LIO): free trade, free movement of capital, a democratic form of government based on the separation and balance of the various branches of government, a commitment to human rights, in particular individual rights, civil and political rights, and the law property. At the same time, he notes that "democracies" based on these ideas are opposed to "autocracies".

Also, the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry recalled that the LMP began to take shape after the Second World War and reached its peak in the 1990s, when the position of the hegemon was taken by the “main liberal supporter,” that is, the United States.

“The Hegemon has chosen the selfish path of power politics, believing that the time has come to take advantage of the temporary weakness of others in order to strengthen its own position on the globe. Thus, “democratic peace” has become a key tool in the arsenal of US foreign policy,” Makei said.

The Belarusian minister also believes that, according to the West, "Russia's actions in Ukraine have actually dealt a mortal blow to the liberal international order." He noted that the LMP has already suffered because of the rise of China and against this background, according to one of the points of view, "there is no hope for the revival of the liberal international order."

At the end of the article, the head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry suggested developing a Charter for the Diversity of the World in the 21st Century at the UN.

“All Member States could agree to establish some key principles for managing international life in a post-hegemonic and highly diverse world. The adoption of this idea would demonstrate that we all want to build a new international order based on existing realities, and not on dreams,” Vladimir Makei emphasized.

Recall that Russia and Belarus are currently under unprecedented sanctions pressure from the West. Minsk believes that such a policy is contrary to the basic rules of international relations. The Belarusian authorities have repeatedly offered Western partners to sit down at the negotiating table, but so far there has been no response to their proposals.

Belarusian Foreign Ministry: There is no hope for the revival of the liberal international order