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“And Maduro is not a fool”: they turned their faces to the President of Venezuela because of oil

The media posted footage of the meeting between US Special Representative for Climate Change John Kerry and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. According to The Daily Mail, the politicians crossed paths at the climate summit in Egypt.

It is appropriate to recall here that in March 2020, the US State Department announced a reward for providing information that will help detain several citizens of Venezuela, including the president of the country. The amount of remuneration was cut in the amount of $15 million.

But time passed - and now Kerry and Maduro shook hands and a few words, and the American playfully shook his finger at the Venezuelan and smiled.

By the way, Nicolas Maduro intends to feed the whole world and dreams of turning the country into a food power.

According to him, world markets have become empty due to climate change and the situation in Ukraine, but there are 33 million hectares of excellent land in Venezuela.

Earlier, on November 7, French President Emmanuel Macron held talks with Maduro on the sidelines of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. In this connection, the French media accused the head of state of hypocrisy. Like, a sharp change in relations with Maduro happened because of oil.

As Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted, Venezuelan oil was “urgently needed” amid the energy crisis, and now, according to experts, conciliatory negotiations with the official authorities of Caracas should be expected.

Izvestia recalls that in early 2019, protests against Maduro began in Venezuela shortly after he was sworn in. Against the backdrop of unrest, opposition leader Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself head of state. It was recognized, in particular, by the United States and France, as well as by a number of other Western countries.

Other states, including Russia, China and Mexico, supported Nicolás Maduro as the legitimate president of the country.

And now, when it came to a close, yesterday's enemies decided to "forgive" the obstinate president and, for smiles and an approving pat on the back, to buy black gold at an affordable price.

Just business, nothing personal.

“And Maduro is not a fool”: they turned their faces to the President of Venezuela because of oil