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The world's population has reached 8 billion people - UN data

On Earth at present, the number of people has reached 8 billion, the UN press service reported today, November 15, citing the calculations of the world organization.

“This is a historical milestone in the development of mankind,” the message says.

According to the UN, it took 12 years to increase the world's population by 1 billion, while humanity, according to the forecasts of the world organization, will reach 9 billion by 2037.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in a widespread statement, in turn, indicated that "while the world population will continue to grow to 10.4 billion by the 2080s, the overall growth rate is declining." Two-thirds of the world's population, according to UNFPA, live in areas with low fertility, and the increase in the world's population occurs mainly in the poorest countries, in particular in African states located south of the Sahara Desert.

The UNFPA noted that with the achievement of the 8 billion mark of the world's population, the world community needs to "look for proven effective solutions to mitigate the challenges facing the world and achieve sustainable development goals." To implement such steps, the fund pointed out, it is necessary to increase investments in relevant programs to support the population in order to “make the world safer, more sustainable and inclusive,” cites excerpts from the TASS document.

The world's population has reached 8 billion people - UN data