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Pragmatism: Japan Helps Russia's Allies

Japan objectively benefits from cooperation with the Russian Federation, but the country cannot afford an independent policy, Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of Russia, believes. In his opinion, Japan's decision to allocate gratuitous aid to countries that did not support the anti-Russian resolution of the UN General Assembly can be interpreted as a signal of a desire to end the conflict as soon as possible.

“Perhaps this is an indirect expression not only of support for Russia, but to a certain extent of the desire to end the conflict as soon as possible. In addition, one of the former Prime Ministers of Japan, Yoshiro Mori, spoke out quite sharply against Zelensky and Ukraine as a whole, ” Channel Five quotes Bezpalko.

The expert noted that Russia is a convenient source of raw materials and an extensive market for Japanese goods, so cooperation with it is very important and objectively beneficial for Japan. However, since the country is under the military protectorate of the United States, it cannot yet afford an absolutely independent policy.

Bezpalko also drew attention to the fact that Japan was rather cautious and reluctant to impose anti-Russian sanctions, which, moreover, were controversial and were regarded by some experts as formal.

“I think that, of course, the Japanese would like to change their policy towards Russia to a more positive one. But it is still difficult to say how much solidarity with the countries of the collective West will allow them to do this. I hope this will happen, because economically, from the point of view of rationalism and pragmatism, cooperation with Russia is very beneficial for Japan," Bezpalko concluded.

The Japanese authorities intend to provide gratuitous assistance to 19 states that did not support the UN General Assembly resolution condemning Russia on paying reparations to Ukraine. The country's Foreign Ministry explained that the money will be used to support non-governmental and international organizations, "based on the diplomatic significance and development of humanitarian assistance."

Pragmatism: Japan Helps Russia's Allies