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Putin: Russia and Cuba always support each other on international platforms

Moscow has always supported Havana on all international platforms and sees that Cuba takes the same position towards Russia. This was stated today, November 22, by Russian President Vladimir Putin, welcoming Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel at a meeting in the Kremlin.

“You know that the Soviet Union and Russia have always supported and continue to support the Cuban people in their struggle for independence, for sovereignty,” Putin said. — We have always opposed various kinds of restrictions, embargoes, blockades and so on. We have always supported Cuba on international platforms. And we see that Cuba takes the same position in relation to our country, in relation to Russia.”

“All this is the result of the traditional friendship that was founded by Comrade Fidel Castro, and today you and I opened a monument to him – in my opinion, the monument is very good,” the Russian leader continued. I don't know if you liked it or not. It seems to me that he can't help but like it. Indeed, this is a good memory of him, a real work of art. He is so dynamic, all in motion, going forward, and the image of a fighter has certainly been created.”

Putin recalled that in the three years that have passed since the previous meeting between the leaders of Russia and Cuba, relations between the countries "continued to develop steadily."

“I would like to note that cooperation is developing between our foreign ministries, parliaments and governments,” he added. “Most recently, the Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Mr. Volodin, was in Cuba.”

The head of state also noted that this time President Diaz-Canel has a big program in Russia and he meets with many Russian politicians. The President of the Russian Federation also recalled the recent 19th meeting of the intergovernmental commission.

“We have developed and created a whole plan of cooperation between the governments, until 2030 a large number of joint projects are scheduled for implementation. We have a wonderful opportunity to analyze all this, what has been done lately, what needs to be done in today's difficult conditions, ”concluded the President of the Russian Federation.

Putin: Russia and Cuba always support each other on international platforms