Kazakhstan helps to restore the energy system of Ukraine

Asia (, - A company from Kazakhstan is helping to restore Ukraine's power grid facilities destroyed by targeted Russian missile strikes. This was reported today, November 24, by the telegram channel Readovka.

As the resource writes, this is indicated by the documents of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, published as a result of hacking the department's computer system. The ministry's correspondence with the Kazakh company ASPMK-519, which was engaged in the reconstruction of Kovel (330 kV) and Borislav (220 kV) transformer substations in western Ukraine, became public knowledge.

The correspondence states that both stations (as well as most of the infrastructure) were built back in the USSR. Their equipment had a significant degree of wear and was technically outdated, so that modernization was necessary.

However, the resource draws attention to the choice of a counterparty that fell on a Kazakh company at a time when Ukraine itself has Energoinzhproekt, which previously participated in similar tenders and acted as a subcontractor in the current contract. Nevertheless, preference was given to a company from Kazakhstan. Perhaps not without some corruption component.

According to the information, most of the equipment for the reconstruction of the substation was purchased from abroad. Thus, for the Kovel substation, only 851 thousand euros out of 6.64 million euros were spent on Ukrainian components and services of Ukrainian subcontractors. Of the Ukrainian equipment, only transformers manufactured by Zaporizhtransformator are used.

Kazakhstan helps to restore the energy system of Ukraine