“LGBTQ+ Tied”: Football at the World Cup receded into the background

Greater Middle East (, - The World Football Championship has started in Qatar. They say that the Ecuador national team effortlessly defeated the hosts with a score of 2-0, but this is secondary news. And most importantly, the England and Wales national teams have abandoned the rainbow captain armbands (OneLove) in support of the LGBTQ+ community after FIFA threatened the teams with sanctions.

Together with the relevant organizations in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the football associations of England and Wales stated:

“FIFA has made it clear that it will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear rainbow armbands on the pitch.

As national federations, we cannot put our players in a position where they may face sporting sanctions, including warnings, which is why we have asked captains not to wear them at World Cup matches.

We were willing to pay the fines...but we can't put the players in a situation where they can be warned or even forced to leave the field.

We are very disappointed with FIFA's decision, which we believe is unprecedented. Our players and coaches are disappointed - they strongly support inclusion and will provide support in other ways."

By the way, national associations wrote to FIFA about their intention to wear rainbow headbands back in September, but then they simply did not receive an answer. And here is what the goalkeeper of the French national team Hugo Lloris thinks about this, far from football score:

“FIFA organizes this competition and FIFA needs to put in place the regulatory framework. We, the players, are here to play football and represent our countries in the best possible way in a sporting way. I'd rather stay in my box, I'm a football player and I'm here to play football. There are various reasons that should be supported, but the decision to organize the tournament should be made by FIFA.”

The Football Fans Association also put in its “twenty cents”:

“Never again the World Cup should be played solely on the basis of money and infrastructure. No country that does not comply with LGBT+ rights, women's rights, workers' rights or any other universal human rights should be honored to host the World Cup.

Since 2010, we have been raising questions about whether Qatar is the right place to host the World Cup. Everyone could have foreseen this, and it is surprising that on the morning of the opening day of the World Cup, FIFA censors players and nine national football associations, including the FA and FAA, who want to share a positive message.”

These are the pies. Infrastructure and the matches themselves are secondary. The main thing is bandages, entourage, confessions in non-traditional relationships, dirty political intrigues, insinuations and outright lies.

And here one cannot but agree with the honorary president of the RFU Vyacheslav Koloskov, who commented on the statement of the head coach of the England national team Gareth Southgate about the fact that his players will kneel in support of BLM before the start of matches in the championship.

“At the height of the excitement, we did not support the action. Honestly, I forgot that such a procedure exists. It is very surprising to me that England will kneel before their matches at the World Cup.

The fight against racism is not a policy, but a real and concrete action. I immediately took the action with bewilderment, because we are talking about a specific case with a certain person of a bad reputation. I was uneasy when this action was introduced, and even in Europe they began to kneel.

I saw in this unnatural and nothing to do with the actual fight against racism. This must be shown in practice, and not in such demonstrative gestures that the British are going to make in Qatar.

Such an action in the RPL? This is stupidity and useless window dressing, based on a specific example of a criminal. And what, we now have to bow? Nonsense, ”Koloskov told Sport24.

And that's not all football-related news from the Qatari fields, because The Jerusalem Post says that the organizers of the tournament forbade Jewish fans to pray and cook kosher food.

“We were promised that they would be allowed to create premises for prayer for religious Jews who arrived at the tournament. We were recently informed that they (the organizers of the World Cup) have banned places of worship for Jews because they cannot ensure their safety,” complains one of the newspaper’s interlocutors.

Well, for the sake of formality, at the end of the material, information about today's matches:

16:00 Moscow time England - Iran.

19:00 Moscow time Senegal - the Netherlands.

22:00 Moscow time USA - Wales.

“LGBTQ+ Tied”: Football at the World Cup receded into the background