US recognizes Turkey's right to self-defense - White House

Greater Middle East (, - Turkey faces a terrorist threat on its southern border and has a legitimate right to self-defense, White House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby told reporters, commenting on Turkish military strikes on PKK facilities in the north Iraq and Syria. It is reported by TRT News on November 23.

“Turkey continues to face a terrorist threat, especially in the south of the country. Of course, they have every right to protect themselves and their citizens,” Kirby said. At the same time, he noted that the United States is concerned that cross-border operations in the region may adversely affect the fight against the terrorist organization ISIS (IS, the organization is banned in the Russian Federation), which is conducted by Kurdish forces.

“Operations in the region may limit the ability of our partner SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) to fight ISIS. To do this, we are working with the SDF and want to continue to put pressure on ISIS,” Kirby said.

Earlier, information appeared in the Iranian and Turkish media that the Turkish armed forces attacked the headquarters of the American forces in Syrian Hasakah. Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, when asked if Turkey informed Russia and the United States about this operation, said: “We have not had any conversations with (U.S. President Joe) Biden or (Russian President Vladimir) Putin regarding this operation. However, both Biden and Putin already know that we can do such things in this region at any time.”

It is worth noting that the Kurdish forces in Syria are among the most effective fighters against militants from ISIS and other terrorist organizations. This is precisely what Washington motivates to provide the Kurds with material and military assistance, which causes sharp discontent in Ankara, which Erdogan repeatedly mentioned, urging the United States to decide with whom they are with Ankara or the Kurds.

US recognizes Turkey's right to self-defense - White House