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Saakashvili Was Poisoned, Georgian NGO Claims

Caucasus (, - Analysis of the health of imprisoned ex-President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili indicates that he may have been poisoned, Mariam Jishkariani, head of the NGO Empathy, said on November 25. According to her, for this reason, the prisoner should be sent abroad.

“The medical report consists of 188 pages, 3,000 pages of documentation have also been studied, and an examination of hair from America has been received. On the basis of all the documentation studied, we conclude that the reason for the deterioration of his health, with a high probability, is poisoning, ”Jishkariani said.

According to her, the level of mercury in the body exceeds the permissible limits by 42%, intoxication with other metalso found.

As reported by, Saakashvili's family and supporters, who from the very beginning of his imprisonment, since the fall of 2021, have been trying in various ways to avoid his stay in prison, announced that he was poisoned with mercury. Previously, they referred to an unpublished expertise conducted by the NGO Empathy.

The Georgian authorities called for refraining from premature conclusions about the possible poisoning of Saakashvili and announced that they would conduct their own toxicological examination.

On November 24, the Ministry of Justice of Georgia instructed the National Bureau of Forensic Science to check whether the imprisoned ex-president had been poisoned. As Deputy Minister of Justice Beka Dzamashvili stressed, Saakashvili himself said that he had never suspected poisoning.

“In order to completely dispel the suspicions, we appointed an examination. Only after its results will it be possible to make additional comments,” Dzamashvili said.

He also recalled that, according to Georgian legislation, a person convicted in Georgia can serve his sentence only on the territory of the country. The issue of transferring or postponing the execution of punishment is accepted by the court. The Ministry of Justice will not be able to arbitrarily send this or that person for treatment abroad, and will obey any court decision, the deputy minister said.

Saakashvili Was Poisoned, Georgian NGO Claims