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The US will soon suffer a geopolitical defeat in the Middle East - experts

The Greater Middle East (, - The US continues to regard the Middle East as a zone of its exclusive interests, while offering neither peace nor stability to the states of the region. In this sense, China can act as an alternative. This is stated by experts interviewed by the Global Times, whose opinions today, November 23, are quoted by Parliamentary Newspaper.

According Lung, a professor at the Shanghai Institute of International Studies, the United States considers China's presence in the Middle East to be a violation of its own interests. Therefore, they are trying by all means to prevent the strengthening of China's ties with the states of the region.

However, according to him, the Middle Eastern countries understand that in relations with them the United States is guided solely by its own geopolitical interests. Therefore, when the Americans begin to promote the idea of ​​a Chinese threat, it is taken with a grain of salt.

He Wenping, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, says that in the eyes of the Middle East, China looks like a creator and a constructive partner. Whereas the United States is mainly engaged in the supply of weapons to the region, setting up neighboring states against each other.

“It is only natural that the Arab states are beginning to turn towards strengthening ties with China, which offers constructive projects and development,” he says.

In turn, Ding Lung predicts the geopolitical defeat of the United States in the Middle East in the near future.

“Very soon, in December, the first Sino-Arab summit is to be held, which will become a landmark moment in China’s relations with the Middle East, and will also demonstrate the failure of the destructive US policy in the region,” he said.

The US will soon suffer a geopolitical defeat in the Middle East - experts