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Qatari volunteers change the opinion of foreigners about Islam by 180 degrees

The Blue Mosque of Doha, located in the cultural and ethnographic village in the capital of Qatar, attracts great attention of tourists during the World Cup.

Western visitors to Qatar, many of whom are visiting the Arab world for the first time, have found the Islamic call to prayer particularly mesmerizing, and every azan draws crowds of football fans. Hundreds of visitors to Doha are enthusiastically photographed in front of the mosque.

In the cultural village of Qatar every day thousands of people participate in various events dedicated to the culture and spiritual values ​​of the country.

A pavilion with a sign "Ask a question about the women of Qatar" was installed near the Blue Mosque. In the pavilion, hundreds of foreign women drink tea and coffee and communicate with representatives of the beautiful half of the population of Qatar, asking interesting questions about the life of Muslim women.

“The purpose of creating this space near the mosque is to acquaint foreigners with the Qatari culture of clothing, food and drink, with traditions and customs. Most of the questions they ask are about relationships in a traditional Qatari family and about marriage issues. Many guests admit that their understanding of Islam and Muslims was distorted by unjustified bias, but being in Qatar helped to change their attitude 180 degrees,” commented volunteer Umm Ahmed, quoted with reference to The Peninsula Qatar.

Qatari volunteers change the opinion of foreigners about Islam by 180 degrees