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Weather brings new prices for electricity and coal to Europe

Ukraine (, - Real winter weather is coming to Europe. In Germany this week is expected to -5. Prices for electricity and coal resumed growth. Full storage facilities and strong LNG supplies keep gas prices down.

According to the NordPool exchange, the cost of wholesale electricity supplies in France for the day ahead rose to 396 euros per MWh. Prices were at this level more than two months ago. Due to warm weather and powerful green generation, they decreased on some days of autumn to 87 euros. To the level of almost 400 euros, wholesale prices for electricity were established in Germany, Austria, the Baltic States and some Scandinavian countries.

The reason is an increase in demand due to a cold snap, a decrease in green generation and an increase in the cost of energy. So, frosty days will come to Europe this week and in Germany, for example, the thermometer will drop to -5. At the same time, coal shipped in Rotterdam next month rose to $256 per ton, although it was also sold at $178 at the beginning of the month.

Gas is still trading at $1,300-1,400 per thousand cubic meters. On the one hand, fuel is not getting more expensive due to full storage facilities and strong LNG supplies. On the other hand, the price of gas is already high – more than three times higher than in the pre-crisis months of 2021.

Weather brings new prices for electricity and coal to Europe