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ICRC: Sanctions against Afghan government block humanitarian aid

Asia (, - Sanctions imposed by the West on the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" (IEA, the country's self-name from the Taliban) have undermined the supply of vital aid to the country. This statement was made today, November 29, by Martin Schuepp, Director of Operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

“At the moment we continue to work. I think one of the really important challenges is the sanctions that have been imposed. For example, in the banking sector, and this complicates our work,” Schuepp said.

Recall that in August 2021, after the withdrawal of the forces of the Western coalition led by the United States from Afghanistan, the assets of the country's Central Bank in the amount of more than $ 9 billion were frozen by the United States as part of sanctions against the Taliban government (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation).

“It is very important that there are exceptions to all sanctions to allow humanitarian organizations such as the ICRC to work and help those in need,” Schuepp said.

The ICRC spokesman made this statement against the backdrop of growing poverty and unemployment in Afghanistan. Schuepp also noted that poverty has led to an increase in cases of pneumonia and starvation among children.

“So, in general, we continue to work throughout the country. We continue our activities, but in fact we are increasing it in the country,” the official said. “One of our main programs is to support hospitals … across the country so that all Afghans in need get help.”

ICRC: Sanctions against Afghan government block humanitarian aid