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The Russian Foreign Ministry called the reason for the failure of negotiations with the United States on START

Ukraine (, - Negotiations between Russia and the United States on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) may take place in 2023. They were postponed due to the extremely negative situation in relations between the two countries. This was announced today, November 29, by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

You need to have a very peculiar logic to tell Russia about restraint, transparency and predictability in military matters, while at the same time helping the Kyiv regime to kill our military and civilians in the Russian regions, providing for this increasingly destructive means of armed struggle and sending American instructors, advisers to Ukraine and mercenaries,” Zakharova noted. - As for the START Treaty itself, here we also note the constant attempts of the United States to “correct” the balance it has established and change it in its favor. This manifested itself, in particular, in the completely illegitimate withdrawal by the American side of a significant part of its strategic offensive arms under the Treaty, which Washington declared converted or renamed so that they ceased to fall under treaty definitions. We worked with the Americans on this issue for a long time and even made some progress, but the problem remains unresolved.

At the same time, it was clear from the speeches of American officials that the US delegation was going to Cairo in order to push through the resumption of inspections, and not to discuss "Russian concerns." At the same time, the fact that the crisis in the functioning of the START inspection mechanism arose through the fault of the American side was stubbornly hushed up. It was Washington, by its restrictive measures against Russia, that created a situation where we were actually deprived of the opportunity to exercise our inspection rights in accordance with the Treaty. At the same time, the United States frankly dismissed our well-founded objections and demanded the immediate resumption of inspection activities on Russian territory.

“We expect conscientious efforts from the United States to create conditions for holding a session of the Bilateral Consultative Commission (BCC) in 2023 and returning to the full implementation of all the provisions of the START,” Maria Zakharova concluded. — Russia continues to regard the START Treaty as an important tool for ensuring predictability and preventing an arms race. It continues to serve the interests of both parties. In particular, an uninterruptedly functioning regime for exchanging notifications on the status of strategic offensive arms between the parties plays a significant stabilizing role.”

As reported by, the German television channel Welt had previously speculated about the breakdown of negotiations. They also believe that Russia refused to participate in negotiations with the United States on START because of the continued supply of US weapons to the Kyiv regime. The reason could be the plans of the Americans to supply missiles and warheads with a larger radius of destruction, the German television company said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the reason for the failure of negotiations with the United States on START