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NATO to cut arms supplies to Kyiv due to depletion of European countries - Global Times

Ukraine (, - The European countries that are members of NATO will be forced to reduce the supply of weapons and other assistance to Ukraine due to economic exhaustion.

This is written by the Chinese analytical publication Global Times. The material notes that the assistance of Western countries has become the main reason that Ukraine has held out in the conflict with Russia to this day.

Recently, however, officials from the countries of the alliance are increasingly admitting that the European members of the bloc are experiencing difficulties in providing assistance to Kyiv.

The Chinese agency states that the countries of Europe are showing signs of exhaustion, having spent colossal funds to support the Kyiv regime.

There is also a domestic political component - in many European countries, public support for continuing assistance to Ukraine "is fragile."

Global Times predicts that due to internal problems, European governments will face growing public pressure that will make it impossible to further help the Kyiv regime.

Lu Xiang, an expert on the study of the United States and a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, commented on the current situation.

“Despite the calls of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to European countries to continue deliveries to Ukraine, judging by the actual situation of the EU countries, this will soon become an unbearable burden for them. Such assistance, of course, cannot be considered sustainable,” the expert said.

In his opinion, the exhausted European countries will at the same time "save face", make belligerent statements and continue deliveries to Kyiv "on a symbolic level." However, later they are likely to start negotiations with Russia, Lu said.

The article also focuses on the growing contradictions between the US and its European allies. Against the background of the growing energy crisis in European capitals, they dared to notice that Washington is selling its gas to "faithful allies" at exorbitant prices. And the law adopted in the United States to reduce inflation seriously undermines the interests of Europe.

“Some politicians in the EU have already clearly understood that the United States, taking advantage of the crisis in Ukraine, hopes to weaken Russia, weaken Europe and increase Europe’s dependence on the United States in order to maintain its hegemony,” the Global Times notes.

As reported by, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba earlier complained that some countries refuse to supply enough weapons to the Kyiv regime for political reasons.

NATO to cut arms supplies to Kyiv due to depletion of European countries - Global Times