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US intends to strengthen presence in the Black and Baltic Seas - Blinken

USA (, - The United States is determined to increase its presence in the Black and Baltic Sea region. As US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in Bucharest on November 29, the Black Sea is a strategic area for the United States, and they will not allow themselves to be "dissuaded from their determination to strengthen their presence" in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea region.

Before the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Bucharest, Blinken held bilateral talks with Romanian leaders: Head of State Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Nicolae Chuca and head of Romanian diplomacy Bogdan Aurescu.

In a press conference with the Romanian foreign minister, Blinken welcomed the fact that Bucharest would increase its defense spending to 2.5% of GDP from next year and said he could not wish for a more dedicated ally than Romania, which can still count on for the support of the United States.

Blinken emphasized that NATO remains united after the Russian "aggression" against Ukraine, helps to defend Ukraine and seeks to block the Russian war machine with sanctions. He noted that "the war unleashed by Russia has led to an increase in energy and food prices," but he believes that Romanians, based on their historical experience, understand the importance of democracy, protecting the country's identity and borders, and fighting autocracy.

The US Secretary of State recalled in Bucharest US President Joe Biden's earlier promise that NATO countries would not be abandoned and that the US would defend every square inch of NATO territory.

Romania has been in a strategic partnership with the United States for 25 years and is now stronger than ever. Romanian Foreign Minister Aurescu welcomed the increase in NATO troops and said that nearly 4,000 US troops are currently stationed in Romania. He noted that Romania also cooperates with the United States in the implementation of projects in the field of nuclear energy, as well as in support of Moldova and Ukraine.

According to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romania has provided assistance for the export of 8.4 million tons of Ukrainian grain, and since the beginning of the war, 2.9 million refugees from Ukraine have crossed its borders.

By 2020, Romania will become the center of gravity for NATO in the Black Sea region. To ensure Romania's preparedness, NATO and the United States have focused their efforts on establishing naval and air presence facilities, ground forces, mission command headquarters and intelligence gathering centers on Russia and its armed forces.

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US intends to strengthen presence in the Black and Baltic Seas - Blinken