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Moldova teases Gazprom again by resuming gas reversal to Ukraine

Ukraine (, - Moldova resumes today, November 29, reverse gas supplies to Ukraine, stopped the day before. This was announced by the GTS operator of Ukraine, noting that at the border gas measuring station "Grebeniki" (the main highway of Russian gas in the Republic of Moldova), nominations were announced both in the forward and reverse directions.

Thus, most of the gas - 3.9 million cubic meters - can be reversed to Ukraine. The fact of "transit imbalance through Ukraine for Moldovan consumers" a week ago became the basis for a warning from Gazprom about a possible reduction in supply in the amount of settling. Then the Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova, Andrei Spinu, hastened to make a statement that Ukraine does not steal Russian gas - there remains the volume of Moldova's reserves, which Chisinau will certainly pay for.

“Those volumes of gas that Gazprom calls remaining in Ukraine are our savings and reserves stored in warehouses in Ukraine. Let it be clear here that these volumes have been and will be fully paid for by our country,” the Minister of Regional Development stressed.

Later, Gazprom confirmed that JSC Moldovagaz had eliminated the violation of payment for the current supplies of Russian gas in November. The company also received funds for the gas deposited on the territory of Ukraine, intended for consumers in Moldova. In this regard, it was decided not to reduce the supply of blue fuel for transit to Moldova.

“At the same time, we draw attention to the regular violation by the Moldovan side of contractual obligations regarding payment for Russian gas supplies. "Gazprom" reserves the right to reduce or completely stop gas supplies in case of violation of their payment, "Gazprom reminded.

In turn, the Moldovan government says it expects the price of Russian gas to drop from $825 in November to $750-800 per 1,000 cubic meters in December.

As reported, the head of JSC Moldovagaz, Vadim Cheban, announced that the company had made an advance payment for November and had enough money to fully pay for the purchase of gas in December. If the purchase price remains the same or decreases, and there are prerequisites for this, the company will be able to cover the tariff deviations accumulated in 2022.

Moldova teases Gazprom again by resuming gas reversal to Ukraine