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Turkey demands Kurds leave three cities in Aleppo

Caucasus (, - Ankara demands from the Kurdish formations of the Syrian Democratic Forces to leave three cities in the province of Aleppo, Al Jazeera TV channel reports, citing Turkish official sources.

“Ankara demanded the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces from Manbij, Ain al-Arab and Tell Rifat,” sources said.

According to them, Turkey agrees to the return of the institutions of the Syrian government to these cities.

According to sources, the Russian side is making efforts to satisfy Ankara's demands and avoid a military operation. The interlocutors of the channel also stated that Turkey had given a deadline for fulfilling its demands.

Earlier media reported that Ankara had almost completed preparations for a ground operation in Syria. Now the armed forces are only waiting for the decision of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Since November 20, Turkey has been conducting an air operation against the Syrian wing of the PKK banned in the country in northern Syria - it was reported about strikes on the city of Kobani, as well as an attack on territories in northern Iraq. Erdogan called the operation a success and did not rule out that it would be followed by a ground one.

Turkey demands Kurds leave three cities in Aleppo