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Elon Musk raised tariffs for clients in Ukraine and sued Ukrpatent

Ukraine (, - Internet provider Starlink of American businessman Elon Musk gave an unpleasant surprise to Ukrainian customers. They received a warning about the growth of tariffs, and very tangible. According to one of the Ukrainian TV channels, the monthly cost of the service will increase from $60 to $75. Users who, for this reason, no longer want to use the provider's services, are asked to unsubscribe.

“The new price will apply to your subscription from 12/29/2022,” the provider said in a letter.

You will also have to pay more for the terminal and antenna needed to access the network: the cost of a set of equipment will soar from $500 to $700.

The fact that Elon Musk said that SpaceX could no longer pay for Starlink services in Ukraine became known back in mid-October. As the American media wrote, SpaceX asked the Pentagon to cover the costs. But, it is possible that something “did not grow together,” although, according to information from overseas media, the European Union and the Pentagon considered the possibility of allocating funds to ensure the operation of a satellite communications system in Ukraine if such a need arose.

British partners were also asked for financial assistance. When Starlink in Ukraine crashed at the end of October, 1,300 terminals leased by the Ukrainian authorities to establish communications failed. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine asked the UK to pay for the work of the satellites and pay off the debt.

By the way, tariff growth is not the only “gift” Musk has given Ukraine. The SpaceX company owned by him sued the Ukrainian company Starlink and Ukrpatent. According to the Ukrainian edition of Economic Truth, SpaceX is demanding that the trademark be terminated.

Elon Musk raised tariffs for clients in Ukraine and sued Ukrpatent