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The word friend is not applicable to the Turks - military observer

Turkey (, - Turkey positions itself as an ally of Russia when it wants to profit from the supply of Russian gas and grain. But at the same time, he does not recognize Crimea as Russian and supplies weapons to Ukraine in large volumes. Military observer Alexander Artamonov told Pravda.Ru about Ankara's treachery and why it is better to replace an alliance with Turkey with an alliance with Iran.

We have made a lot of efforts to make Turkey our ally. Because the word "friend" is not applicable to the Turks. We hoped that Turkey understands how beneficial it is to become a gas hub for Europe thanks to the Blue Stream? to be the center of the grain deal with Russia and Ukraine. By the way, Recep Erdogan stayed in power solely due to timely notifications from Moscow, otherwise at the moment we would be dealing with pro-American Gülen. But Erdogan has gone very far. He does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia. The Turkish company supplied Bayraktar TB2, attack reconnaissance drones, to the Ukrainian conflict zone.

Now the Turks have begun deliveries to Ukraine of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) of their own design TRLG-230. These are six 230-mm rockets per installation of transport and launch containers mounted on a Russian-made KamAZ wheeled chassis. Missiles fly far: from 20 to 70 km.

Turkey began to supply high-precision systems. Thank God that most of the volume of the TRLG-230 projectile weighing 215 kg is occupied by the power plant. Solid propellant rocket engine. And there is very little space left for the warhead. There are 42-43 kg of explosive, which is not much. For example, our MLRS "Hurricane" warhead - 90 kg.

The cunning Turks want to test their weapons. Because the tested weapon will cost more at any exhibition, it will have a sign "Launcher took part in the hostilities." The installation with the letter L is capable of working with laser illumination of the target, which makes it possible to single out a specific object in a heapy group target and strike at it. This is Turkish know-how, a projectile. The system works in tandem with Bayraktar TB2, which will help fire by transmitting the exact coordinates of targets.

Our potential ally turned out to be deeply unscrupulous. And if we were wrong in Turkey on this front, then we can be wrong on the other. The maneuvers of the Turkish-Azerbaijani-Georgian contingent are constantly being conducted in the South Caucasus. This is dangerous because Georgia has views of South Ossetia.

We are creating another theater of operations in the direction of the Baltic states, where we created the first Guards Tank Army 4-5 years ago. According to the governor of the Pskov region, attempts by NATO combat drones to penetrate our airspace are constantly observed. That is, there is a flank coverage: on the left is the Baltic states, on the right is the South Caucasus. Set fire to these zones, then set fire to the border regions, arrange a guerrilla war, the occupation of Crimea with the help of the Revolutionary Army for the Liberation of Crimea (the agreement was signed in Odessa by the SBU and the British PMC Prevail Partners represented by Justin Hedges).

Turkey also comes into play. Moreover, they receive our S-400 systems and at the same time develop their own, which they supply against us on the wheeled platform of our trucks. I would think about how friendly Turkey is to us, and expand cooperation with Iran, which, like a number of other countries, behaves honestly, respecting the spirit of cooperation.

The word friend is not applicable to the Turks - military observer