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US warships butted in San Diego Bay - incident

US (, - The US Navy is investigating what could have led to a potential collision of two warships last Tuesday in San Diego Bay (California), reports today, November 30, the American edition of the Navy Times.

The participants in the emergency were the guided missile destroyer Momsen and the landing ship Harpers Ferry.

Officials have not confirmed the exact time of the incident, but a video of the incident was posted on Twitter at approximately 10:30 a.m. PST on the San Diego Web Cam microblog.

"Military incident in San Diego Bay," reads the text accompanying the video.

Video footage shows the Momsen and Harper's Ferry heading straight towards each other before each ship turns left.

According to U.S. 3rd Fleet spokesman Samuel Boyle, "the ships sailed in opposite directions in close proximity" after which they "maneuvered to safety." According to him, there were no casualties among the personnel and damage to military courts.

US warships butted in San Diego Bay - incident