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Italy tried to deprive Russia of the chairmanship of UNESCO

Ukraine (, - Italy opposed holding a session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Kazan and proposed depriving Russia of its chairmanship. This was announced today, November 30, to TASS by Grigory Ordzhonikidze, Executive Secretary of the Russian Commission for UNESCO, Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

“The consensus was undermined by the Italians, who were categorically against the venue of the session in the Russian Federation and the presidency of the Russian Federation. That is, they put two questions at once in the package - to deprive Russia of the venue and chairmanship, - he noted. - If the seats could somehow be deprived, but it is very difficult, then the chairmanship is impossible according to the rules of procedure. Because we were elected by the World Heritage Committee, which means we need to convene an emergency session of the committee so that the majority of votes there is for the abolition of the Russian chairmanship, and they do not gain a majority in the committee and, in principle, in the bureau. These questions never came up."

Earlier, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee decided to postpone its working session, which was to be held in the capital of Tatarstan on June 19-30.

“The members of the committee, and these are 21 sovereign states, are under strong pressure from the collective West, demanding that they refuse to hold a meeting in Kazan and deprive Russia of the chairmanship,” the diplomat said. “In order to reduce the intensity of passions, our partners asked us, as organizers, to consider the possibility of postponing the session,” Grigory Ordzhonikidze explained then.

As reported, in Italy, where there are now a lot of Ukrainian refugees, Russophobic demarches periodically appear. The new center-right government, led by the leader of the Brothers of Italy party, George Meloni, also continues the line of the previous cabinet, Mario Draghi. Although under Draghi, Meloni's party was the only one in the opposition, on the issue of the Ukrainian crisis, she voted for providing comprehensive support to Kyiv, including military. Earlier, both Prime Minister Meloni and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto stated that defense assistance to Kyiv would continue, and the common line towards the Russian Federation would be maintained "in accordance with obligations to the allies."

Italy tried to deprive Russia of the chairmanship of UNESCO