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The Italian government will adopt a decree on military supplies to Ukraine

Ukraine (, - The ruling coalition in Italy will not put forward for a vote in the Senate (the upper house of parliament) a special amendment to extend arms supplies to Ukraine for the whole next year. As a source in the Brothers of Italy party told a TASS correspondent on Tuesday, the government will adopt a separate decree, which then must be approved in parliament.

“The government will adopt a special decree, the amendment has been withdrawn,” the source said.

He did not specify the wording of Rome's commitment to continue supplying Kyiv with military aid. The interlocutor of the agency did not indicate on what basis this assistance will be formed.

Earlier it was reported that the government, in a mixed amendment, which also contained purely internal issues, wanted to approve an extension for a year of the decree adopted by the previous Cabinet on military assistance to Ukraine. His term expires at the end of this year.

At the same time, this issue is being discussed in the lower house, where several resolutions were presented on Tuesday. In particular, the resolution of the ruling majority provides for the adoption of the necessary regulatory documents to extend the transfer of weapons to Ukraine.

Only the opposition 5 Star Movement and the association of the left and the Greens oppose the direction of the new weapon. Former prime minister and leader of the Movement, Giuseppe Conte, is pushing for greater emphasis at this stage on peace initiatives and for any new military aid package to be approved in parliament.

According to the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, the center-right government led by the leader of the Brothers of Italy party, George Meloni, continues the line of the previous cabinet of Mario Draghi. Although under Draghi, Meloni's party was the only one in the opposition, on the issue of the Ukrainian crisis, she voted for providing comprehensive support to Kyiv, including military. Thus, after the extension of the decree on providing military support to Kyiv, the packages with weapons, as before, will be classified and formed without the involvement of parliament. Moreover, as the newspaper notes, the decree of the new government may contain an installation to increase the defense budget to 2% of GDP, as required by NATO.

Earlier, both Prime Minister Meloni and Defense Minister Guido Crosetto stated that defense assistance to Kyiv would continue, and the common line towards the Russian Federation would be maintained "in accordance with obligations to the allies."

The Italian government will adopt a decree on military supplies to Ukraine