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Lavrov: Western politicians have a split personality, diplomatic schizophrenia

Ukraine (, - The war unleashed by the collective West against Russia has not had the best effect on the mental abilities of Western politicians. This was announced today, on November 30, by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting with participants in the Dialogue for the Future program.

According to Lavrov, Western politicians do not hide the fact that they are waging war against Russia, using Ukraine and its citizens as expendable material. They are pumping it up with modern weapons, inciting it to fight Russia until "victory on the battlefield." They publicly declare, as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg did the other day, that the path to peace in Ukraine lies through the further provision of modern weapons to it until its complete victory.

“There is a split personality, diplomatic and political schizophrenia. Such statements only reflect that the West's reasoning about universal human values, about a single humanitarian and economic space, about security from the Atlantic to the Urals, was hypocrisy. The Westerners never thought of any equal relations with our country. This is a sad statement, but observing what is happening and how the vast majority of Western countries behave towards Russia, no other conclusions arise, ”Lavrov said.

The most difficult period of world history has come, this cannot be hidden, but you should not be afraid of this either, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry noted.

“Stages of this kind always encourage diplomats, politicians, statesmen to develop new approaches to how to continue living in the modern world, based on a comprehensive assessment of what is happening,” Lavrov said. - It is obvious that the usual "business" with the Westerners can no longer be. The West must rethink its place not only in regard to relations with the Russian Federation, but also in world politics in general. It cannot be claimed that only a group of countries - a minority of the world community - will determine the parameters, criteria and specific directions for the life of the entire planet.

Russia, in this case, is worried about the rapid evolution of the North Atlantic Alliance, including in the context of the war unleashed by the West in Ukraine and global security.

“Until recently, everyone was convinced that NATO is a defensive alliance, engaged only in protecting the territories of its own members. After the disappearance of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, the meaning of NATO's existence was also lost - after all, they wanted to "defend" from the socialist camp led by the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, the alliance did not go away, but continued to search for the meaning of its existence, Lavrov pointed out. - At first, the campaign in Afghanistan was considered as a justification. Then, after the shameful flight from this country, NATO needed another reason. They found it in containing Russia and inflating Ukraine. For many years after the coup d'etat in Kyiv, this country was turned into an instrument of containment of Russia, a springboard for attacking Russian interests in our immediate environment. All this time, with the direct encouragement of the Western sponsors of the Kyiv regime, the legislative destruction of the Russian language, culture, media and education took place.

Now NATO claims that it has a global responsibility, and no one stutters about the "defensive character" anymore. On the contrary, it is claimed that security in the Euro-Atlantic region is inseparable from security in the Indo-Pacific region.

“Now NATO will “defend” in the South China Sea,” Sergey Lavrov joked bitterly.

The expansionist globalism demonstrated by this aggressive bloc is unprecedented, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.

“I am convinced that the global majority perfectly sees the threats posed by this line of alliance, and realizes that the Westerners’ understanding of the loss of their leading positions on the world stage can inspire NATO to make rash, irresponsible decisions. It is these assessments that will determine the positions of most countries when discussing the future of global security,” the minister concluded.

Lavrov: Western politicians have a split personality, diplomatic schizophrenia