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Foreign investors agreed to the terms of Minsk

USA (, - Some foreign investors have already agreed to receive payments on Belarusian Eurobonds in rubles. This was announced today, November 30, by the Minister of Finance of Belarus Yury Seliverstov.

“Now such transactions are carried out in the market. But we don't want to run ahead of ourselves. Because those who are in friendly jurisdictions, those who can transfer these bonds to the accounts of the Ministry of Finance or our partners in the banking system, we are working with those,” he said.

The minister added that about 12 billion rubles, or about $5 billion, will be allocated in the 2023 budget to pay off the external public debt. They plan to pay in Russian rubles, Chinese yuan, and also in Belarusian rubles. At the same time, he noted that if the sanctions are lifted, then payments in euros and dollars are also possible.

He also recalled that relevant agreements have been concluded with Russia on uniform rules and principles for levying taxes.

“We will receive, like Russian oil refiners, the reverse excise tax under the same rules. This will also add to our income up to 2 billion rubles (about $ 800 million), so we will be provided with income, ”said Seliverstov, adding that the budget deficit will traditionally be closed with budget balances and through borrowing.

Recall that Belarus has been under tough Western sanctions since the end of 2020. In this regard, Minsk cannot pay its foreign debts to Western investors in dollars and euros. The authorities of the republic said they were ready to pay off debts in Belarusian rubles.

Foreign investors agreed to the terms of Minsk