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French MP: Calm down Zelensky, otherwise he will ruin Europe

Ukraine (, - Paris must stop supplying Ukraine with weapons and reason with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, otherwise the socio-economic situation in Europe will worsen even more. This opinion was expressed today, December 4, by a member of parliament, the leader of the political movement "Get up, France" Nicolas Dupont-Aignan.

“Gaullist France must distance itself and take the position of arbitrator, because now Zelensky’s goal is no longer to defend Ukraine, but to sacrifice his people, becoming an instrument of Russia’s destruction. This is a serious mistake, ”he said on the radio station Europe 1.

The MP recalled the example of former French President Jacques Chirac (1995-2007), who refused to support the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The politician noted that the situation around Ukraine is out of control and "draws Europe into economic and social suicide."

According to Dupont-Aignan, what is happening in Ukraine is beneficial to Washington and Beijing, as Russia is moving closer to China, and Europe is plunging into an economic and social crisis.

“The moment has come to achieve peace, to achieve a compromise between the two sides, to calm down Zelensky. It is necessary to completely lift economic sanctions, stop the supply of weapons in exchange for a ceasefire and sit down at the negotiating table,” he said. “We need to stop this massacre, because it is the Ukrainians who are paying the high price. Russia is a great power and is not going anywhere. It is necessary to convince Russia, but also Zelensky. We must protect the interests of France. And France is not interested in an energy, social and economic crisis due to the departure of our best enterprises to the United States and China, and this is exactly what is happening.

French MP: Calm down Zelensky, otherwise he will ruin Europe