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The battle between Musk and Biden: what will the parties bet on

USA (, - The battle between Space X and Tesla founder Elon Musk and US President Joe Biden is not their personal “showdown”, but a confrontation between leaders of different generations and formations, political scientist Sergey Stankevich believes.

“The importance of Musk will increase because there is a huge demand for politicians to overcome the traditional bipartisan conflict. More voters, especially young ones, see that this conflict between Republicans and Democrats is meaningless from the point of view of the 21st century. We need people of the future like Musk, who should help form a new political elite instead of the old bipartisan one,” Stankevich said.

In October, the White House suspected Musk of a threat to national security and plans to organize an audit of his enterprises in this regard. Musk, in turn, is increasingly frankly demonstrating support for the Republicans, and now he has decided to attack Biden personally, Channel Five reports. Musk posted on Twitter on his page a link to a new publication about the scandalous story with the laptop of the head of state's son Hunter Biden and commented on it with the word "let's get started."

According to Stankevich, the advantage is clearly on the side of Musk, because he has the main resource that Biden does not have - time. In addition, Biden now needs to think about other things, and not about fighting Musk, the expert noted.

“Musk has a good prospect, and it makes sense for Biden to think about how his party does not lose the White House in 2024. Time is short," Stankevich said.

He is confident that from a financial point of view, the administration of the current US president will find it difficult to "get close" to the billionaire, so the White House will most likely try to limit Musk's activity in the media.

“Especially since he inadvertently bought Twitter and set himself up, because a legislative attack on large Internet platforms is brewing in the United States. It is believed that they have too much influence in society and they should be limited,” Stankevich explained.

The political scientist believes that in order to successfully advance in the political field, Musk needs the support of a strong politician, who could also become Republican Ron DeSantis, who is now gaining weight.

“Musk wants to bring rationality and aspiration to the future into American politics, and not at all some such farce archaic ideas. I think that a winning tandem could have arisen if Ron DeSantis ran for president, and Musk was taken as vice president. That would be a very serious shot from the Republican Party,” Stankevich believes.

Political scientist Marat Bashirov, the author of the Politjoystick telegram channel, believes that Elon Musk could be killed, “and he understands this when he “fits in” with the project against Biden and the US Democrats.”

“In fact, he went on a crusade, oh, an information campaign, against that part of the US deep state (secret government) that has caused all the upheavals in the world over the past 15 years. All these “green agendas”, “parents 1 and 2”, “orange revolutions”, digitalization of everything,” said Bashirov.

In his opinion, in fact, Musk joined China, Russia and India.

"But, can they protect him?" Bashirov writes.

The battle between Musk and Biden: what will the parties bet on