Provocative visits continue. Polish parliamentarians arrive in Taiwan

Asia (, - A delegation of the Polish parliament has arrived in Taiei on a five-day visit. This was announced on December 5, TASS reports with reference to the Foreign Ministry of Taiwan.

According to the agency, the delegation consists of eight people. It is headed by the chairman of the parliamentary group that oversees the development of relations with the island, Waldemar Andzel. It is reported that during the visit, he and his colleagues will visit the Legislative Yuan (Taiwan's parliament), a number of institutions and departments, as well as enterprises for the production of semiconductors. The visit will last until December 9th.

Tensions in the Taiwan Strait region escalated after Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, visited Taipei on August 2-3. The day after its completion, the People's Liberation Army of China launched large-scale rocket-firing maneuvers in six areas of Taiwan waters.

Following this, several more foreign delegations visited the island, including from Lithuania, Japan, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain. The PRC considers such visits to be provocations and interference in China's internal affairs.

Provocative visits continue. Polish parliamentarians arrive in Taiwan