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Moldovan authorities offered to send Ukraine electricity from Pridnestrovie

Ukraine (, - Supplies of electricity from Transnistria to the right-bank Moldova will ensure the stability of the energy system of Ukraine, State Secretary of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development Konstantin Borosan said Wednesday on the air of the Chisinau TV channel on the TV-8 channel.

“The Odessa region of Ukraine is a large electricity consumption hub, and the operation of the generating capacity of the power plant (Moldavskaya GRES) allows us to maintain a balance in this region - Moldova and southern Ukraine. Generating capacities from Transnistria are not supplied to Ukraine, but the energy systems of Moldova and Ukraine are connected, and the stable operation of the Moldovan energy system can help Ukraine stabilize its energy system in a crisis,” Borosan said.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova Andrei Spinu said that in December Chisinau would return to purchasing electricity from the Moldavskaya GRES (located in Transnistria), owned by the Russian company Inter RAO, with which it had suspended commercial relations since November 1, refusing to distribute Russian gas to the region ( 5.7 million cubic meters per day), which is also necessary to ensure the operation of the station's turbines.

The vice-premier stressed that the Moldovagaz company would nevertheless supply Pridnestrovie with the necessary amount of blue fuel, and Moldova itself would start using gas from the accumulated reserves (more than 200 million cubic meters). The parties agreed on the supply of electricity to Moldova at a price of $73 per 1 MW/h. Until November 1, Chisinau bought electricity from the Moldavskaya GRES at a price of $62 per 1 MW/h.

The day before, Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa was on a working visit to Kyiv, where she discussed with her Ukrainian counterpart Denis Shmygal, among other things, energy security issues. Gavrilitsa assured Kyiv of support from the government of Moldova.

Moldovan authorities offered to send Ukraine electricity from Pridnestrovie