Ex-NATO Commander-in-Chief: Ukraine's attacks on Russian airfields are a dangerous turn in the war

USA (, - Kyiv, which denies any involvement in attacks on military airfields in Russia, will no doubt continue to carry out such strikes against its significant targets. These attacks point to a new and dangerous turn in the conflict in Ukraine. This was stated by the former Supreme Commander of the Allied Armed Forces of NATO in Europe, retired Admiral of the US Navy James Stavridis.

“Reports of significant attacks on two Russian airfields are a new and dangerous turn in the war in Ukraine. One of the explosions occurred at the Engels-1 airbase in the Saratov region, the other at Dyagilevo in the Ryazan region - both hundreds of miles from Russia's border with Ukraine, ”he wrote in his Bloomberg column.

The ex-commander-in-chief of the Allied Allied Armed Forces drew attention to the fact that Kyiv did not take responsibility for the attacks, but did not deny that he could have committed them. In his opinion, the leadership of Ukraine will continue to deny attacks on Russian territory, but "there is no doubt that they will inflict them."

“Perhaps the purpose of these strikes was simply to demonstrate the capabilities of Ukraine. In the future, Kyiv can go for more, but will try to strike only at military targets, ”Stavridis believes.

He stressed that Western countries "will try to deter Ukrainians from committing larger attacks in the hope of reducing the risk of further escalation of the conflict and direct involvement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in it." NATO, in turn, "will try to reassure the Ukrainians" and offer Kyiv more anti-aircraft missiles and may "seriously consider the supply of combat aircraft," TASS quotes.

As reported, on December 5, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed UAV attacks on airfields in Engels near Saratov and in Diaghilev near Ryazan. Three dead Russian servicemen and four wounded were reported. The White House did not comment on these attacks.

Ex-NATO Commander-in-Chief: Ukraine's attacks on Russian airfields are a dangerous turn in the war