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The Pentagon announced that they would sharply increase the production of 155-mm shells to help Ukraine

USA (, - The Pentagon plans to produce 20,000 155mm shells a month by spring for delivery to Ukraine, and to increase production capacity to 40,000 by 2025. This was stated by the Minister of the Army (Army Forces) United States Christina Wormuth, writes Politico.

“There are a lot of pressing issues, Congress is giving the Pentagon billions of dollars, and now we are entering into contracts two to three times faster than usual,” Warmuth said.

The Minister cited as an example of the successful actions of her department the organization of the purchase of 155-mm artillery ammunition, which are supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU). According to Warmuth, by the spring of 2023, the United States "will be able to produce 20,000 ammunition per month." At the same time, by the spring of 2025, the Pentagon plans to reach a monthly production level of 40,000 shells.

According to the Pentagon, since the start of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine, Washington has delivered more than 900,000 155-mm shells to Kyiv.

According to Politico, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Michael McChord, who is in charge of finance, noted that "during high-tech conflicts, huge amounts of ammunition and weapons are consumed." According to him, the Pentagon "is studying the restrictions associated with supply chains," noting that the military department "has not yet figured out this issue," he cites excerpts from the TASS publication.

Earlier, representatives of the US Department of Defense announced their readiness to purchase 100,000 155-mm shells from South Korea, which were to be delivered to Ukraine. This deal was supposed to help the Pentagon solve the problem of a shortage of ammunition in its own arsenals, which arose due to the reduction in stocks due to their transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation in Ukraine in response to the request of the leaders of the Donbass republics for help. After that, the US, EU, UK, as well as a number of other states imposed sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities. The EU has already approved eight packages of restrictive measures against Russia. In addition, the West has increased arms supplies to Kyiv by billions of dollars.

The Pentagon announced that they would sharply increase the production of 155-mm shells to help Ukraine