Australia and the United States are preparing their armies for a joint war with China

USA (, - Against the backdrop of China's increased activity in the Indo-Pacific region, Australia and the US intend to strengthen military cooperation. This is stated in a statement following the results of the US-Australian consultations in the two format (AUSMIN), released by the Australian Department of Defense on Wednesday. Excerpts from the document are given on December 7, TASS.

According to the agency, the heads of the defense and foreign ministries of the two countries expressed "strong disagreement with Beijing's destabilizing actions in the South China Sea" and "China's excessive maritime claims that are inconsistent with international law." The signed document provides for the strengthening of joint efforts to ensure regional security, which, according to Washington and Canberra, is undermined by China.

“Countries will maintain and increase the rotational presence of US air, land and sea forces in Australia, including by deploying US Air Force bomber and fighter task forces, and in the future, US Navy and Army [Army] forces. As part of the expansion [of military ties between the two countries], the existing defense infrastructure will be upgraded through the construction of fuel and ammunition storage facilities,” the statement said.

Speaking at a press conference following US-Australian talks in Washington, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin confirmed that Australia and the US "have agreed to deepen defense cooperation in several important areas."

“As a result of today's negotiations, we will increase the rotational presence of US forces in Australia. This concerns the rotational presence of operational air groups of bombers, fighters and the future rotational presence of US Navy and Army forces. We are also expanding our cooperation in the field of logistics, ”said the head of the Pentagon.

He added that this will help improve the interaction between the armed forces of the two countries.

Australia and the United States are preparing their armies for a joint war with China