The conflict in Ukraine was provoked by the United States - Oliver Stone

USA (, - American director Oliver Stone said that the real culprits of the conflict in Ukraine are the United States, which pushed Kiev into conflict with Moscow and actively armed the Ukrainian army.

The famous master of cinematography expressed his opinion on this issue in an interview with the Serbian publication Politika. He noted that it was the United States that ignited the Ukrainian conflict with their actions.

The director recalled that the war in Ukraine has been going on since 2014, and all this time the United States has been arming the Kiev regime, and the blame for the growing escalation has been shifted to Russia.

He also stated that it was Washington itself that always “broke all the rules” when it wanted to, however, at the same time it is “a professional in condemning countries that violate the line of world order.”

“So who are we to point fingers at anyone? We tell Russia what to do, I think it's ridiculous, given what we ourselves have done ... Everyone just shouts: "The Russians are attacking." And who provoked it? What has happened in Donbass since 2014, how many people have left because the US was actively arming the Ukrainian army,” Stone said.

He stressed that as a result, Kyiv ceased to be neutral and headed for war with Russia. Which eventually led to the current conflict.

“Ukraine was against the Russians and that is what upset the balance. And that's where the war comes from. Like everything else, every war has a cause and effect, but we don’t even pay attention to it yet, ”said the American director.

As reported earlier, Oliver Stone said that Ukraine is a strategically important country for the United States, as Washington uses Kyiv to confront Moscow.

The conflict in Ukraine was provoked by the United States - Oliver Stone