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Sandu again begs the US to expand sanctions against the pro-Russian opposition

USA (, - Chisinau needs law enforcement structures of other countries to cooperate with Moldovan law enforcement agencies. This was stated by the President of the Republic of Moldova Maia Sandu at the International Anti-Corruption Conference held in Washington.

She also urged the US to expand the breakout list to include individuals that the US government links to corruption in Moldova or Russian influence. Sandu said it makes sense for established democracies to rethink their approach so as not to provide criminals with safe havens and not allow the use of stolen property in their jurisdictions.

“We need other jurisdictions to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Moldova. We will make progress in the fight against corruption when other countries stop harboring fugitive criminals and stolen goods from other countries. Cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of our countries will be a clear signal that there are no more places where illegally acquired property can be hidden, ”the president emphasized.

She welcomed the recent decision of the US government to add to the sanctions lists the leading organizers of banking fraud, hiding abroad from Moldovan justice.

“The US example will force other countries to support the efforts of the country's authorities to combat corruption, and the list of sanctions will be replenished with the names of other fugitives who harmed the state,” Sandu concluded.

Recall that at the end of October, US Ambassador to Chisinau Kent D. Logsdon announced that the State Treasury had imposed sanctions for corruption against fugitive Moldovan businessmen and politicians Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor, as well as against some persons associated with them, including Russian citizens , who are accused of influencing the policy of the Republic of Moldova, allegedly with the aim of establishing Moscow's control. The American diplomat demanded that the Moldovan authorities change the legislation to bring to justice those whom Washington appoints guilty, despite the absence of a corresponding court decision.

Commenting on this decision of the US Treasury, Shor, who is hiding in Israel from arrest, the leader of the parliamentary party of the same name, which is now gathering thousands of anti-government rallies in Chisinau, said that he knows that during her last visit to the United States, Maia Sandu “crawled on her knees through the State Department, begging to do at least something with the Moldovan opposition.”

Now history is repeating itself. Maia Sandu is sure that behind the dissatisfied social status of the citizens there are “united pro-Russian political forces and criminal groups who want to interfere with the European path of Moldova”, therefore they are destabilizing the situation.

Plahotniuc, who is hiding in Northern Cyprus, did not remain silent either - he also promised to return to big Moldovan politics and "put things in order in the country."

As reported by, earlier Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the US sanctions as "another fact of gross interference in the internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova, an attempt to have a negative impact on bilateral Russian-Moldovan relations."

In turn, the ex-president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, noted that the American ambassador "showed the Moldovans who is the true master in the house." He reminded the authorities that the Republic of Moldova is an independent, sovereign country, and when someone from the outside indicates that this person is bad, and this one is good, "we turn into a banana republic."

Sandu again begs the US to expand sanctions against the pro-Russian opposition