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Increased Chinese military activity is not a threat to Japan - authorities

Asia (, - The Japanese government, in its updated national security strategy, refused to call China's increased military activity a "threat", limiting itself to the definition of a "challenge to the international order." On December 8, TASS reports with reference to the Kyodo agency.

According to the agency, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) insisted on the first option. The Komeito party, which is part of the coalition with the LDP, opposed it. Its representatives expressed concern that this could lead to a deterioration in bilateral relations.

As a result, Fumio Kishida's administration leaned towards softer language. Thus, according to the agency, Tokyo's desire to maintain a trend towards developing a dialogue with Beijing was demonstrated after the first meeting in three years between the Japanese prime minister and Chinese President Xi Jinping, which took place in November on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Bangkok.

Nevertheless, it is assumed that the opinion of the LDP will still be taken into account, in connection with which the national security strategy may mention the missile launches of China, carried out during the exercises in August, during a sharp aggravation of the situation around Taiwan. As stated in Tokyo, several missiles then fell in the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

Kyodo notes that these launches can still be called a threat in the document.

Increased Chinese military activity is not a threat to Japan - authorities