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EU, not US bears main burden of sanctions - German ambassador to Washington

USA (, - The consequences of the conflict in Ukraine had a much deeper impact on Germany and Europe than on the United States, German Ambassador to the United States Emily Haber told The Washington Post.

According to the diplomat, one of the most noticeable signs of the "new era" that Germany has plunged into is the "dim lighting of airports and streets" - it is this cost-saving measure that is the first thing that catches the eye of Americans arriving in Germany.

“As superficial as this first impression may seem, it bears witness to a deeper truth. The fact is that Germany and Europe are affected by the conflict in Ukraine in a way that the United States is not affected,” Haber admitted.

As the ambassador noted, in addition to refugees, whose number in Germany has already exceeded 1 million people, the Ukrainian crisis has left a deep mark on the daily life of Germans.

“House temperatures are dropping, electricity bills are continuing to rise, and they have long passed levels that are perceived in other countries as extremely high,” complained Haber.

The inflation rate, which was 4.9% in January, rose to 10%, which is one of the highest rates among developed countries, the diplomat continued.

“A gallon of gasoline costs almost twice as much as in the US. Energy-intensive small businesses are facing insolvency,” the ambassador stated. At the same time, as Haber emphasized, the negative consequences of the conflict in Ukraine will only continue to grow.

“Increasingly, it is Europe (and not least Germany) that bears the brunt of the sanctions, and not the United States,” Haber concluded.

Earlier, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany reported that inflation in Germany reached 10% in November. As the German Federal Bank (Bundesbank) warned in a recent report, the German economy is on the verge of a recession.

EU, not US bears main burden of sanctions - German ambassador to Washington